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Medicare Annual Enrollment Period

The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period is here! What does that mean? If you are enrolled into Original Medicare Part A & B through Social Security and do not have an additional Medicare Health Plan, now is the time to enroll. In addition, this is the one time of year that you can shop your rates, review your benefits, and explore other options to possibly switch your Medicare Advantage Plan or Part D Prescription Drug Plan.

Why do you need an additional Medicare Health Plan?

  • Medicare Part A is Hospital Insurance that includes a $1,318 per benefit period deductible. A benefit period consists of 60 days without treatment. An example would be if you are hospitalized for a kidney stone and then released from the hospital. If you are hospitalized again for that same kidney stone within the 60 days benefit period, you would not be subject to the deductible for a second time. However, if it was outside the benefit period or for a different circumstance that you were hospitalized, you would be subject to another per benefit period deductible. Worst case scenario, you could be subject to this deductible 6 times throughout the year.


  • Medicare Part B is Medical Insurance that includes an annual deductible of $183 (for 2017). After your deductible is reached, you are responsible for 20% coinsurance or 20% of your invoice. Medicare pays 80%. This includes doctor visits, labs, x-rays, and any medically necessary services.

Understanding your coverage and knowing your options on extra benefits; such as dental, hearing, vision and wellness programs can make a difference. Plans change every year and new plans enter the market. When is the last time you reviewed your Medicare Health Plan? Let’s set up a free, no obligation consultation to help you feel secure with your Medicare choices.

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